Lyrical Journeys@Kolkata

October 4, 2011    
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Mon Art Gallerie presents Lyrical Journeys- a watercolour show by Arup Lodh, Sandip Roy and Sudip Roy up to 29th October at Lyrical Journeys@KolkataKolkata.

These works are emotionally vivid and capture the ephemeral reality of moods and moments. These are artists who work on their art: constantly tinkering with new ways to produce it but figuring out exactly what they Lyrical Journeys@Kolkatawant to achieve. Each painting is a journey and they have only a very slight idea of where those journeys will end.

The sense of individuality about each of the works responds to the individuality of each phenomenon they observe. Looking at these works, one feels that they are expressions of the minds and hearts of three talented artists whose paintings embody an entire culture and tradition of great art.Closed on Sundays & Holidays

Date: 29th October

Time: 11:00 am- 7:30 pm

  • Closed on Sundays & Holidays

Venue: Mon Art Gallerie,

Regency, 3rd Floor, Crossing of Albert Road,

Picasso Bithi, Kolkata,
Phone:  22895438, 9830083837

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